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PAWS of Hertford County has adopted out or placed more than 4000 animals since August 2006.  Our animals are in good homes all over northeastern North Carolina, west to Raleigh, southeast to New Bern, and as far north as Virginia, Maryland and even New Jersey. We are thrilled to receive updates and pictures from the families of these wonderful cats and dogs.  If you would like your new PAWS family member to be posted on our website, please send to

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Peace & Spirit

My two awesome new babies from PAWS of Hertford County. Big brother Spirit and dainty sister Peace They will be a year old the first week of August. They have spent the last week going to work with me each day. Now they go with me 3-4 days a week. They are so cute in that they go wherever I go. I walk out to the pump house and they go to the pump house I go check out the dogwood trees or the creek bridge and so do they. We spent time outside in the unenclosed part of the yard yesterday. This is one of a few pictures sent of Peace and Spirit playing wonderful games outside! Anne B. Tyndall


It has been a pleasure to have Timmy become part of our family. A trip to the pet store on 11-20-10 for a bottle of shampoo for our dog, Chloe, resulted in the adoption of a wonderful and lovable orange tabby cat named Timmy. Never mind all the begging and the many "please daddy", Timmy made the choice - he was adopting us. We knew when he smooged on our faces and then climbed on my husband's back and laid there. We knew then that he was coming home with us. From his first night with us, he was part of our family. Timmy is a very playful and affectionate cat. He has the biggest eyes and he looks at us so adoringly. There are not enough words to say thank you to the Hertford County Animal Shelter. When you adopt a pet from the shelter, the pet is special because they got picked. But in our eyes and heart-----we are special because Timmy picked us. The Bates Family Dan, Mary, Caitlin, Aidan and Chloe the Dog


After losing our dear Persian cat Missy my wife and I discussed searching for another Persian cat. Following a search on I saw a picture of Heather. She is a Persian / Maine Coon mix. After a phone discussion with Catherine at PAWS we made a trip to the facility to see Heather in person. She had been at the shelter for a few months and I was initially concerned that her time at PAWS may have affected her negatively. Nothing was further from the truth! After spending some time with this beautiful little lady we invited her to come home and spend the rest of her life with us. After a pleasant ride home to Virginia Beach she adjusted almost immediately to us and our apartment. "Lady Heather Moriah" is the most loving and gentle cat I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. She loves her new home and we could not be happier with our choice to adopt her. She loves everyone. She looks forward to us coming in the door each and every time. She has had her first bath and has been intoduced to her new friends at the veterinarian's office for an initial check-up. She is healthy and happy and we absolutely love our new family member. As you can see by the pictures, she is lovely and enjoys all the attention we give her. She enjoys laying on the couch and hugging on me and giving me kitty cat kisses. She has new toys to play with and spends lots of time watching the birds and squirrels who stop by my bird feeder on our patio. PAWS did a great job of working with us and giving us all the time necessary to make the choice. It was the right choice and I thank all of the caring people at PAWS for taking such great care of her while she waited for us to discover this precious young lady. Larry & Beverly Hatch Virginia Beach, Virginia


From Daisy's Foster Mom: Daisy came to me with 6 babies who all found good homes. She was added to our family for over a year. My family and I fosterd her through the babies, heartworm treatment and being spayed. After over a year of fostering her she was finally ready for her new life and that is when she found her new mom at Petsmart in Greenbriar. They both love each other and I am very happy for both of them. May they have a wonderful life together. From Daisy's Adopted Mom: Well she is definately getting her walk on. My son is a night owl while I am a morning bird. He told me he walked her last night, so now I know why she did not go during the morning walk. She jumped in bed with me this morning, she sleeps like a human. She laid on my shoulder under the covers and slept for a few hours with me. It is funny I got to get her and the cat straightened out because they want to eat each other food lol, they are having an identity crisis.

Fiona, now Lacy

This is just an update on Fiona who we adopted in June. We renamed her Lacy and she is doing very well in her new home. As you can see by the picture she is very comfortable and happy. She is still a bit skittish and still jumps at loud noices though. We take her camping with us and she loves the outside. She gets regular walks as well and we found she loves the water but only to swim in, not for baths . She is getting better about chewing, she did destroy my daughters cell phone though. I warned my daughter but she didn't listen. Lacy is very happy and is well loved and taken good care of. I am so glad we were given the opportunity to make her part of our family. Thanks. Suzan Speropoulos and Lacy

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