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PAWS of Hertford County has adopted out or placed more than 4000 animals since August 2006.  Our animals are in good homes all over northeastern North Carolina, west to Raleigh, southeast to New Bern, and as far north as Virginia, Maryland and even New Jersey. We are thrilled to receive updates and pictures from the families of these wonderful cats and dogs.  If you would like your new PAWS family member to be posted on our website, please send to

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We are all doing great- Yoga is now "Yoda" and has fit right in... here are some pics- we love our Yoda oh so much! Sincerely, the Gauthiers


Patrick is just doing wonderful! He seems to really like his new home and friends. Gus could not get enough of him the first day or two- following him around everywhere he went. Patrick would hiss at him from time to time the first day, but that's all past now. Gus is still being very curious and following him around a good bit, but Patrick is small enough to get under things to get away from him when he needs a break. Patrick absolutely loves our little toddler Hannah. He loves to rub up against her, purring the whole time. He is very affectionate, and loves to be around all of us, even our two crazy pugs! Thanks so much for helping us adopt him, and for providing us with a joyful little kitty!!! Michael, Kimberly, Hannah, Gus, Dudley, and Hogan


He is doing great! He's such a lovable little thing. He's even getting along great with our one year old cat that we have. They've now become sleeping partners & groom each other every day. I've attached a picture of the two of them hanging out together. :) I took him to the vet the week after we got him (just because I wanted them to know he had added another "fur baby" to our family) and she praised your shelter saying that he looked great & was very healthy and well taken care of. I would like to personally thank you & the entire staff for caring for the animals as well as you do. Thank you again for our new addition to our family, Becky

Autumn, now Keela
Autumn, now Keela

This little girl couldn't have been a better fit for us! She rides like a champ in the truck and it didn't take her long to settle in here at home! She found out that treats are a very good thing and has quickly mastered the art of sitting for them! She's still not sure about the pretty dog she found in the mirror though and she studies her often. She even played with her new pet monkey and slept all night on her new bed. I just wanted to thank you and your staff for what you do for these precious animals, it takes a very special person to do what you do! We will see you May 14th; Kevin, Kelley & Keela Murray


Just a quick note to say hi and thank you again yesterday. Pepper and Sammy are doing fine. They played a lot outside yesterday - we have an invisible fence. So she was on a very long leash chasing Sammy around. Fed her last night around 6pm .... Got up early this morning when Sammy came down stairs to go back into his crate and ended waking Pepper up. Was very pleased that she did not have any accidents in her crate. Had one "raised voice" event this morning btw the two of them when Pepper took Sammy's bone - a quick growl settled everything - no hard aggressive acts by either one. Sammy will need to learn to share some too - new for him and new for her. She is not yet potti trainined. So that will be up near the top on training efforts. Will work to get some pictures of them this week and send them on. Again, thank you. Sincerely, Mike

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