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LOCATION: 231 Mt. Moriah Rd., Winton, NC 27986 
PO Box 153, Murfreesboro, NC 27855

PHONE: (252) 642-7297


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                                      FOSTER CARE
Occasionally, very adoptable or very young animals may require temporary housing outside the animal shelter.  These dogs and cats or puppies and kittens may benefit from socialization and special training, or they may have special needs.  Fostering one (or more) of these adoptables in your home temporarily is a way you can help us in our mission to protect animals.  Please contact us by emailing if you would like to be considered as a foster parent.   PAWS can supply food and supplies for foster animals if needed.  There are special provisions for vet care and vet expenses which will be discussed before a foster agreement is finalized.

Becuse we want the foster to have a good and successful experience and we want our dogs and cats to have quality care, we will talk to you about fostering, what it involves, your responsibilities, PAWS' responsibilities and review any necessary documents in the foster agreement.  
Form 1 - Foster Application. Please print, complete, scan and email this form to the address on the form or email to
Form 2 - Foster Contract, will be emailed to you after we receive the foster application. During this process, we will call and speak to you about our dogs or cats who have a need for a foster home and discuss possible matches for you and your family. PAWS appreciates your interest in saving lives by nurturing and loving them in your home before they find their forever homes.