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LOCATION: 231 Mt. Moriah Rd., Winton, NC 27986 
PO Box 153, Murfreesboro, NC 27855

PHONE: (252) 642-7297


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Support Our Efforts in Hertford County  

As with any non-profit, PAWS of Hertford County, NC needs the support of our community to help us continue the services we provide.
You can support our efforts with a direct, online donation to our group that will help us continue our work!
There are many other ways that you can help us provide care to the wonderful animals in our shelter and foster homes and here are just a few!


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Become a PAWS Partner - Sustaining Donor Program!

Our sustaining donor program is designed to provide a steady and guaranteed source of revenue for the rescue in our efforts to save homeless cats and dogs in Hertford County, NC. Donations can be made through PayPal, credit card, or direct bank transfer.

For donations of at least $15 per month ($180 per year), donors will receive a special "PAWS Partner" vinyl decal.

Questions? Email us at


 Thank you to our current PAWS Partners!

Bob Atkins Sharon Fadness Amy Jordan  Courtney Pearman 
 Vicki and Will Barton  Stephanie Holt Patti Llewyn Ashleigh Bryant Phillips
Linda Brooks  Kathleen Howard  Lauren Martin Hank Wayland
Paula Burke Amie Howell  Rue Mastic Andrea Weber
Nathan Denny JoAnn Jones   Maureen Mullin  

Adopt a Kennel!

For an annual donation, you can sponsor a kennel. By sponsoring a kennel, you provide financial support for caring for all of the cats and dogs that come into our care. This sponsorship also offers a unique opportunity to memorialize or honor a loved one or friend.

This sponsorship is open to individuals, families, organizations, and businesses.

For more information about our Adopt a Kennel Program, download our kennel sponsorship packet here.

Interested in adopting a kennel? Fill out our form here. Once filled out, our Director of Public Relations, Marketing and Fundraising will be in touch to provide payment options. If you are submitting a picture for the plaque, you will provide it to them at that time.

Adopt One, Save Two!
Did you know that when you adopt one animal from a shelter, you are really saving two ? When you choose a shelter pet, not only are you providing a new home for an animal in need, you are also making room for another pet that needs our help! 

Pet Adoption Saves Lives!
With the limited resources of our community, Animal Control faces difficult decisions when our shelter reaches it's capacity. This is a difficult, often heartbreaking decision for anyone to make and the effects of euthanizing so many animals has been shown to take it's toll on those who must perform this task.
Too many people these days want a purebred and will spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a pet. With the increase of dishonest animal breeders, puppy and kitten mills as well as fraud, PAWS of Hertford County asks you to please give a pet in our animal shelter a chance.
When you adopt, you will save a lot of money and you will be saving the life of a deserving pet.

Donate a Thundershirt

Make a Difference in the Life of an Adoptable Dog or Cat! PAWS of Hertford County!  Thundershirts are helping shelters and rescue groups across the country to manage the  dogs and cats  they receive with anxiety, fear and excitement issues. Your Thundershirt Donation will be put to excellent use helping to transition one of our wonderful  dogs and cats  back to a forever home.

Shop at Food Lion, Share with PAWS!
FoodlionWhen you link your Food Lion MVP Savings card to PAWS of Hertford County, every time you shop at Food Lion, you will be helping the animals in our shelter!
Take advantage of the great savings that Food Lion offers grocery shoppers every week and with every purchase, PAWS of Hertford County will earn the funds we need to continue our important efforts! Just click the MVP Savings Card to sign up and start helping PAWS today! Signing up is fast and easy with your MVP card number. Enter PAWS of Hertford County, Murfreesboro, NC. PAWS' organization code is 252271. Sign Up Today!

Protect the Health of Your New Pet!
Protect your pet. ShelterCare Pet Insurance ProgramsIf you choose to adopt from the Hertford County Animal Shelter, you will be eligible for special savings through ShelterCare Pet Insurance.
Many people choose not to adopt from a shelter because of health concerns and we want you to be protected from the high cost of Veterinary expenses.

After you adopt, click this banner ad and sign up for ShelterCare Pet Insurance, not only will you receive a special price, a $25.00 donation will be made to the Hertford County Animal Shelter on your behalf!
These funds will help us purchase new supplies, pet food as well as medications and other needs that our shelter has.
This is a limited time offer and must be received in the first 30 days after adopting your new pet.

Donate a Dog Bed!
Donate a BedWe have chosen Kuranda dog beds for our boarding facilities because they are so good for our dogs. These beds are tough, durable as well as easy to clean and they help keep the dogs comfortable while they are in our shelter.
If you order a Kuranda Dog be for our shelter, you will receive a special, discounted price and the bed will be shipped directly to PAWS of Hertford County!
If you would like to donate a bed so another dog can sleep in proper comfort, please click here. 

Feline Snoozers logo

Donate a Cat Tower or a Gift Certificate
To donate a Feline Snoozers tower to our shelter, order through this page. Feline Snoozers Cat-a-log.
At the top of the page, please choose your state to limit the choices in the drop down menus. Our foster cats would just love to have one of these!

Use GoodSearch-Help PAWS
GoodSearch animal banner If you search the Internet to conduct a search, you can help PAWS of Hertford County by making your search with
Search engines generate money with advertising and helps non-profit groups such as ours by paying a small part of those funds to those you choose to support. GoodSearch also has filters to protect your family from content you might want them to avoid seeing! Some groups have received hundreds and even thousands of dollars from!
So head on over to the next time you are looking for something online-There's no reason not to "GoodSearch"

1-800 PetMeds 

Thank you to 1800PetMeds for supplying a donation to ourshelter to help us with our rescue efforts. If you'd like to learnmore about Pet Meds, connect with them on Facebook or followthem on Twitter.