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PAWSFEST 2010 Photo Gallery
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Dogs here

Dogs there

Happy dogs everywhere. . .

Little ones

Bigger ones

Cool dogs

Hot dogs

Talented dogs

Learned by watching the horsies jump!

Well done!



The 3k Dog Walk was PACKED!

Pack 2

Leader of the packs

Pack 3

Pack 4

Pack 5

Pack 6

Pack 7

Pack 8

Pack 9

Pack 10

Pack 11

Pack 12

Girls love ponies!

Claire and the pony

Original PAWS supporter (and future judge)

Dude in the doghouse

D.A. in the doghouse

Goofy guy in the doghouse

Kittens just lookin' for a home. . .

Gentry's lookin' for a home. . .

Boys like kitties too!

Everybody just chillin'

And now, a few of the Guests of Honor. . .

Cooper Hoggard from Harrellsville. . .

Dixie King all the way from Union. . .

Henry King

Recently adopted, Moose and Mocha from Ahoskie

Ted and Zack all the way from Deltaville, Virginia

Cubbie Eubank