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LOCATION: 231 Mt. Moriah Rd., Winton, NC 27986 
MAILING ADDRESS: PO Box 153, Murfreesboro, NC 27855

PHONE: (252) 642-7297

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PAWS of Hertford County has adopted out or placed more than 4000 animals since August 2006.  Our animals are in good homes all over northeastern North Carolina, west to Raleigh, southeast to New Bern, and as far north as Virginia, Maryland and even New Jersey. We are thrilled to receive updates and pictures from the families of these wonderful cats and dogs.  If you would like your new PAWS family member to be posted on our website, please send to

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Noelle, now Eleanor

After many long weeks at the shelter, Noelle, on the left, becomes Eleanor, and joins special PAWS dog, Newbie, now Frank, in a joyful new life. Thank you, Lance, from all of us.

Newbie, now Frank
Newbie, now Frank

Newbie had lived all his life in a home. One terrible day, an animal control truck pulled up and carried him away to the shelter. Once a member of a family, Newbie now was homeless, living in a shelter kennel, frightened and homesick. It was soon discovered that on top of all his other woes, Newbie was heartworm positive. A fund was begun to pay for treatment, because Newbie was such a great dog. Treatment was successful, but there was still no home for Newbie. Until one day, a recent college grad decided he wanted a dog for graduation! He saw Newbie and it was love at first sight. Newbie, now Frank, is enjoying the good life! Frank lives inside with his new "Dad" and even has his own bbq sauce named after him. Frank's life couldn't be any better! He is loved more than you can imagine.

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