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PAWS of Hertford County has adopted out or placed more than 4000 animals since August 2006.  Our animals are in good homes all over northeastern North Carolina, west to Raleigh, southeast to New Bern, and as far north as Virginia, Maryland and even New Jersey. We are thrilled to receive updates and pictures from the families of these wonderful cats and dogs.  If you would like your new PAWS family member to be posted on our website, please send to

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He is doing great! He's such a lovable little thing. He's even getting along great with our one year old cat that we have. They've now become sleeping partners & groom each other every day. I've attached a picture of the two of them hanging out together. :) I took him to the vet the week after we got him (just because I wanted them to know he had added another "fur baby" to our family) and she praised your shelter saying that he looked great & was very healthy and well taken care of. I would like to personally thank you & the entire staff for caring for the animals as well as you do. Thank you again for our new addition to our family, Becky


From Daisy's Foster Mom: Daisy came to me with 6 babies who all found good homes. She was added to our family for over a year. My family and I fosterd her through the babies, heartworm treatment and being spayed. After over a year of fostering her she was finally ready for her new life and that is when she found her new mom at Petsmart in Greenbriar. They both love each other and I am very happy for both of them. May they have a wonderful life together. From Daisy's Adopted Mom: Well she is definately getting her walk on. My son is a night owl while I am a morning bird. He told me he walked her last night, so now I know why she did not go during the morning walk. She jumped in bed with me this morning, she sleeps like a human. She laid on my shoulder under the covers and slept for a few hours with me. It is funny I got to get her and the cat straightened out because they want to eat each other food lol, they are having an identity crisis.


After her third appearances at the Knightdale PetSmart, Dolly was an exciting, last-minute-in-the-parking-lot adoption. Dolly's new mom writes: "Dolly is doing exceptional in her new home with her Daddy Anthony, Mommy Ali, and baby brother Graham. She loves to go on walks and play. She has a few toys that are favorites and during the day sleeps next to fellow big-brother and dogmate Mason. She is happy and healthy and we LOVE Dolly soooo very much. We look forward to spending the next decade with Dolly as part of our family!" XXXOOO

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