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Highlighted Cats:
Leslie Leslie
Usually when we talk about our black kitties we describe them as panther- like, but Leslie didn’t get the memo! Our girl doesn’t mind visiting in the crowd and spending some time getting to know you. She is very gentle and she has been a real trouper when we needed to provide medicine or vaccines. We think she heard she would get a treat if she was good and she certainly deserves one! Leslie is an outgoing girl and stands out in a crowd.(Hi! I'm Leslie and when my adopted family was more about Leslie
Ubi Ubi
On first appearance Ubi looks like a black cat. But he does have white paws and a white chin. So he is a hidden tuxedo! His minimal white tux does make him suave and mysterious. Maybe he is dressed for spy school so he can prowl around undetected? Is he undercover. it is his version of a black leotard. When he stretches out or holds his head just so, you can see the white chin and his white chest. The bit of white gives him a serious but handsome and debonair look which totally matches his more about Ubi